What is responsibility.international?


This page was published on 13 October 2020, but has elicited no response. However I am pleased to note that others feel the same. See Lawyers to sue WHO for 'misleading world over COVID-19 outbreak' Consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich says agencies 'knowingly misled governments across the world.'
The FDA Misled the Public About Ivermectin and Should Be Accountable in Court, Argues the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) September 30, 2022.

Responsibility.international believes that those who cause societal and group harm, the responsibles, whether acting in good faith or maliciously, should be liable legally liable for the consequences and damages caused by their actions.

Too often, organizations, corporations, politicians, experts, executives and others cause great suffering to others through their poor choices.
Again. too often without acknowledging or suffering the consequences of their actions, they or their organizations walk away, bearing no responsibility.

Responsibility.international believes that as much as;

  1. a doctor is responsible for incorrect medical treatment,

  2. a policeman is responsible for a life lost due to excessive force, even if in a split moment,

  3. a driver is liable for damages even if accidental,

  4. so should our leaders and leading organizations be accountable for the harm done to the community and society?

Those who have the power and earn big money for their skills must be held accountable for the misuse of that power.

Organization Aims

Accepting responsibility for their mistakes may be a mitigating factor, but this campaign aims to source funds from the public to "Make 'Em Pay" by taking legal action against responsibles and claiming damages through class and direct legal actions.

Responsibility.international aims to both raise funds using crowdsourcing such as fundme.com and direct donations to attack those responsible through litigation, and when successful split the awards gained to compensate those harmed and the to fund future actions.

Donors may wish to request countries, areas and parties that they would like their funds to be applied. Where sufficient funds are received to proceed on their request, we will attack those responsibles.

Financial integrity

We will list all names or nom-de-plume and the date of their contribution on the website which contributes more than US $10.00.
All expenditure will similarly be shown on the website, again with the payees' initials or nom-de-plume, plus the reason for the spending.
The expenditure shall be principally for legal advice, legal costs and litigation costs. We will keep other expenses below 10% of the funds raised by using voluntary workers whenever possible working at home and communicating digitally.


Bernhard Kirschner or the Chairman guided by Email polls will initially make the decisions as to who to attack for acting irresponsibly.

Whenever guidance is needed, we will ask supporters to vote either Yes or No, with one vote per email address.

No funds will be expended until the fund raises more than US $10,000. Unless the fund raises this amount by the 10 February 2021, all funds will be returned to contributors by gofundme. Responsibility.international will be incorporated in Sydney, Australia, plus with branch groups in countries that make sufficient contributions.

The fund will select a guiding committee of 10 volunteers who have been contributors chosen at random. Every six months five committee members will retire and another five selected at random. 80% of the committee plus the President will be able to vote the early retirement of up to two committee members who they consider obstructive and non-performing in every six months.

Prime targets to be attacked with legal action

  • Google for misleading the public by not disclosing on searches where the results have been edited based on their or someone's ideas of what is right or relevant. Please search the term 'Hydroxychloroquine studies' or 'HCQ research' or anything similar and save the first 50 results as a file. Then print a copy and then write on it "I hereby confirm that I - Name and Address - did this search under the term '____' on the date ___ month year at address, stating "These are the results of my Google search on HCQ" plus anything else that you think might be relevant. Keep that document for us to use as evidence when we go to court, as Google is likely to stop their manipulation when they realise what we are planning.

  • Australians in Victoria's Premier Andrews (plus any other leader) for acting without proper advice and locking down Melbourne in October 2020 without responsibly studying the consequences and alternatives. Please record damages caused this action and note your area, the date, plus record or note time of relevant broadcasts or keep relevant newspapers.

  • Both CNN and Fox News for irresponsibly presenting as news what is editorial and comment without adding a warning that the matter is not news but rather editorial. Please record instances where you feel that this is happening.

  • In South Africa and other countries, instances of regulations passed that had no direct connection to Covid-19 but caused harm, such as the forbidding of the movement of export wine.

  • Other instances where you believe negligent action has caused harm.

  • How to contribute?

    Contributions can be made through gofundme at https://www.gofundme.com/f/responsibilityinternational?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1. Minimum contribution is Aus$5.00 or US$3.50.

    About Bernhard Kirschner

    Bernhard has a long and successful history of founding successful businesses using the application of new technologies.

    Bernhard trained as an accountant, with his first and only job as a computer programmer in 1962. In 1960 he designed, built and patented an envelope inserting machine, using new techniques such as transistor controls and sensors, Teflon bearings and plastic gears, even designing the magnetic clutches.

    Unable to raise further development funds, in 1964 Bernhard started Copystat Pty Ltd in Johannesburg, probably the first Instant Print or Quick Print Service in the world, using Xerox copiers, which was until 2020 operated in South Africa.
    Immigrating to Australia in 1977 he started Printers Devil and the Sprinting print shops 1977, both of which still operate, although under Kwik Kopy and Snap banners.

    In 1981 he started ComputerWave Pty Ltd, the first personal computer store aimed at the home and small business market in the Myer store Sydney.

    In 1986 he established Dashing North Sydney which still operating successfully with almost 100 staff and a turnover of about $30 million per year. He was responsible for introducing Desktop Publishing to both the Dashing group and many printers and graphic designers.

    From 1985 until 1991 ComputerWave offered an onsite tape backup service and virus removal service where ComputerWave staff would go to client's premises and copy the contents of their hard drives to high-speed magnetic tape which was then stored off-site.

    Bernhard established CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd, the first CD backup service outside the USA, and one of the first in the world in 1993 due to the superior features of Compact Discs as a backup storage medium. Before Compact Disc burners became available, CD-ROM Services Pty Ltd would supply external hard disc drives to clients to back up their data, and then copy the data to CD for archiving or distribution. Once clients could record onto CDs and DVDs themselves, CD-ROM Services used robotic disc burners to duplicate and print CDs and DVDs for mass duplication and distribution.

    CD-ROM Services with James Brough developed software that duplicates USB sticks which were sold to duplicators worldwide. In 2002 Bernhard opened the Australian franchise of YesVideo, which transfers film and tape top DVD.

    In 2001 Bernhard Kirschner was founding President of the International Disc Duplication Association, IDDA, the organisation representing disc duplicators worldwide. The IDDA, once with about 250 members, has organised trade shows and conferences in LA, Las Vegas, San Jose, Miami, Amsterdam, Madrid and Hong Kong.

    In 2005 Bernhard started the Sleep Apnea Shop Pty Ltd which was the first to offer home testing for Sleep Apnea.

    Bernhard Kirschner's experience with litigation.

    In 1973 Copystat Pty Ltd was prosecuted by the Printers and Allied Trades Union of South Africa for using black workers in jobs reserved for white and "coloured" workers. At that time, most skilled jobs were forbidden to black workers by the apartheid government by law and enforced by the Unions. Although told by the Union leaders that no-one had ever beaten them in the last 70 years in court, Bernhard went refused to fire his black workers and was taken to court by the Union. After several painful years, on Appeal, the case against Copystat was dismissed, and the Union was forbidden to prosecute Copystat again. Soon after the Union was opened to black workers, probably the first union in South Africa to do so.

    In 1982 ComputerWave Pty Ltd was prosecuted by the Australian Bureau of Customs for incorrect classification of imported goods. ComputerWave was one of the first Australian companies to sell personal computers and imported the new software to sell to their clients and other of the new computer stores. Australia at the time had a small floppy disc manufacturing plant, with blank floppy discs protected by a high 35% duty and Sales Tax adding 67% to the cost. Computerwave would ask the suppliers overseas to ship the discs separately to the boxes and manuals, paying the 67% duty and tax on the discs, but nothing on the manuals, which were duty-free. They would then be assembled in the shop and put on display. Customs claimed that this was not correct, and seized all the shipments and prosecuted the company. After three years where Bernhard represented the company in court, the magistrate fined ComputerWave $25.00 on each import, a total of $300.00, which was below the minimum amount in the legislation.
    In the meantime Bernhard founded and became President of the Australian Computer Retailers Association with about 60 members. The Association organised training courses, represented retailers in disputes with suppliers, and for Computerwave made representation to government to remove the ridiculous 35% duty on floppy discs. In this it was completely successful, removing not only the duty but the Sales Tax on all computer software, which probably helped encourage the acceptance of the new technology.

    In 2010 Bernhard Kirschner managed a five-year-long family dispute concerning the effect of a Power of Attorney and the capacity of the testator suffering from paranoia to change a will in Australia. The matter went through the Guardianship Tribunal, the local courts, the Supreme Court the Appeal Court and even the bankruptcy court. The case clarified the Power of Attorney, and did show the incapacity of the testator, but was extremely costly employing layers, barristers and even a QC.