What is Responsibility.international?

What is responsibility.international?


Responsibility.international believes that those who cause societal and group harm, the responsibles, whether acting in good faith or maliciously, should be liable legally liable for the consequences and damages caused by their actions.

Too often, organizations, corporations, politicians, experts, executives and others cause great suffering to others through their poor choices.
Again. too often without acknowledging or suffering the consequences of their actions, they or their organizations walk away, bearing no responsibility.

Responsibility.international believes that as much as;

  1. a doctor is responsible for incorrect medical treatment,

  2. a policeman is responsible for a life lost due to excessive force, even if in a split moment,

  3. a driver is liable for damages even if accidental,

  4. so should our leaders and leading organizations be accountable for the harm done to the community and society?

Those who have the power and earn big money for their skills must be held accountable for the misuse of that power.

Organization Aims

Accepting responsibility for their mistakes may be a mitigating factor, but this campaign aims to source funds from the public to "Make 'Em Pay" by taking legal action against responsibles and claiming damages through class and direct legal actions.

Responsibility.international aims to both raise funds using crowdsourcing such as fundme.com and direct donations to attack those responsible through litigation, and when successful split the awards gained to compensate those harmed and the to fund future actions.

Donors may wish to request countries, areas and parties that they would like their funds to be applied. Where sufficient funds are received to proceed on their request, we will attack those responsibles.

Financial integrity

We will list all names or nom-de-plume and the date of their contribution on the website which contributes more than US $10.00.
All expenditure will similarly be shown on the website, again with the payees' initials or nom-de-plume, plus the reason for the spending.
The expenditure shall be principally for legal advice, legal costs and litigation costs. We will keep other expenses below 10% of the funds raised by using voluntary workers whenever possible working at home and communicating digitally.


Bernhard Kirschner or the Chairman guided by Email polls will initially make the decisions as to who to attack for acting irresponsibly.

Whenever guidance is needed, we will ask supporters to vote either Yes or No, with one vote per email address.

When the fund raises more than US $10,000, it will be incorporated in Sydney, Australia, plus with branch groups in countries that make sufficient contributions.

When Kirschner retires or dies, the Vice-Chairman will become successor who will continue the fund on these principles. The concept of appointing successors rather than a popular vote is so that no group with their agenda will be able to take control of the organization.

We will try and spend the funds in proportion to the source countries.
The fund will select a guiding committee of 10 volunteers who have been contributors chosen at random. Every six months five committee members will retire and another five selected at random. 80% of the committee plus the president will be able to vote the early retirement of up to two committee members who they consider obstructive and non-performing in every six months.

Prime targets to be attacked with legal action

1. Google for misleading the public by not disclosing on searches where the results have been edited based on their or someone's ideas of what is right or relevant. Please search the term 'Hydroxychloroquine studies' or 'HCQ research' or anything similar and save the first 50 results as a file. Then print a copy and then write on it "I hereby confirm that I - Name and Address - did this search under the term '____' on the date ___ month year at address, stating "These are the results of my Google search on HCQ" plus anything else that you think might be relevant. Keep that document for us to use as evidence when we go to court, as Google is likely to stop their manipulation when they realise what we are planning.

2. Australians in Victoria's Premier Andrews (plus any other leader) for acting without proper advice and locking down Melbourne in October 2020 without responsibly studying the consequences and alternatives. Please record damages caused this action and note your area, the date, plus record or note time of relevant broadcasts or keep relevant newspapers.

3. Both CNN and Fox News for irresponsibly presenting as news what is editorial and comment without adding a warning that the matter is not news but rather editorial. Please record instances where you feel that this is happening.

4. In South Africa and other countries, instances of regulations passed that had no direct connection to Covid-19 but caused harm, such as the forbidding of the movement of export wine.

5. Other instances where you believe negligent action has caused harm.

How to contribute?

Contributions can be made through gofundme at https://www.gofundme.com/f/responsibilityinternational?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1. Minimum contribution is Aus$5.00 or US$3.50.