Since many countries have begun to implement plans similar to PLAN-B the site has been redesigned and moved to suggesting prevention measures and better ways to go back to normal.

Why the extreme responses to COVID-19 are a big mistake

Have we just experienced the biggest mistake in History?

We accept substantial death tolls of often the young, the productive from diseases, violence, road accidents and other causes. See the link Deaths Ignored. Dramatically mention "plague", and we act irrationally driven by ancient responses. We have destroyed our economies and damaged billions of lives based on unproven data and procedures, that even if correct are comparatively negligible when compared to other mortalities.

I don't get it, hence this website.

I do not reject that lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing slow virus spread not only for CO-19 but flu and other disease. These action do save lives, especially road deaths and in the USA school shootings and other gun deaths, while is SA gang shootings.
What I do believe is that simpler less destructive remedies such as masks and shields would and will have similar virus inhibiting effects.

CO-19 will be spreading through the community and killing the vulnerable, until we have an effective mass produced vaccine or cure, which is still unlikely before the year end.

On this website I have used the more natural term CO-19 to describe the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

Anomalies in the Fatalities

A new Stanford study suggests, challenged both for its assumptions, methodology and mathematics, is based on testing for antibody's has shown CO-19 much more widespread than thought, and possibly NO MORE DEADLY THAN FLU.
The WHO estimated the COVID-19 death rate at 3.4%, while the Stanford study is .14%, about the same as flu which is .1%.
Protect the vulnerable and the death rate is even less.
Other studies and statistics from Denmark, Germany, New York support the new study.

About death rates

CNN journalist, Christiane Amanpour, on 4 May 2020, condemned Sweden for their open economy with about 2,800 CO-19 deaths, population of 10.5 million, that is 1 in 3,750 deaths. No lockdowns, no closed businesses, little economic damage.

US has about 70,000 CO-19 deaths, out of a population of about 328 million, that is 1 in 4,700 deaths, approaching recent annual gun death figure of 73.505, about which little has ever been done.
If the US had no lockdowns like Sweden, then they would have had maybe 21% more deaths, about 17,000 lives.
So lockdowns based on Sweden's figures saved 17,000 more lives than with no-lockdowns.
Mention virus and we have lockdowns, businesses destroyed, economy damaged, additional deaths from suicide, neglected medical checkups, stress.

About 66 million people worldwide die from all causes each year. Half are over 70!
Today 159,000 died about 3,500 died from CO-19, one in 45 deaths from coronavirus. From Worldometer.

Doesn't that prove that our reactions are the biggest mistake in history?

The basic PLAN-B suggested here in March 2020 has been broadly accepted

Plan B is isolation for the aged and those with underlying conditions, and pre-existing conditions, and maintaining personal space, washing hands and not touching your face. What has not been accepted is that having isolated this group, we can allow work, leisure, exercise, trade and services to continue as normal, instead of livelihoods destroyed, other health neglected plus assaults, divorce, and so much more damage.

There might be a surge in infections amongst the healthier and younger with small mortality, but with good behaviours such as hand washing, no face touching and social distancing, but less than expected.

The WHO has said that CO-19 will be with humankind until we find a vaccine to destroy it forever, so let us get back to work and living generally but taking precautions.
Sweden is an example of PLAN-B and is proving successful.

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Preventing face touching with a shield

If social distancing, touching an infected surface then your face is the most likely cause of infection.
Wearing a shield whenever you could touch an infected surface, prevents face touching.

Wear a cloth mask mainly to avoid being a spreader. Obvious but difficult to convince the "experts". See PREVENTION METHODS and then MASK/SHIELDS.

My views are based on my belief that "Experts are professionals in yesterdays knowledge" and "The truth changes hourly".

This website has been set-up to encourage thought on options of government responses to the coronavirus.
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Website conceived late March 2020, by Bernhard Kirschner, Mathematics and Economics lecturer, accountant, computer programmer, systems analyst and 60 years as an entrepreneur specialising in pioneering new business models. I would have to remain in lockdown as a VULNERABLE even under PLAN-B but am horrified at the current suffering caused by indiscriminate lockdowns on workers, the destruction of a lifetime of building small businesses, general emotional stress, and the damage to the future of so many.

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